Car Advice Before Sold or Already Owned$2(Stephenville, TX)

I worked for Mercedes Benz and was trained by Mercedes Benz of North America as an automobole technician, I have experience in Service Writing and in service Managment, have Also owned my own auto repair business, Im now 53, I started working for Mercedes Benz when I was 14 and was trained by one the best Mercedes specialist in Texas, so I have to offer you is incredible advice on cars, what to do if your car breaks down to how to talk to Service Advisors to how to deal with service managment, you wont blindly walk into a service department at there mercy again, I can usually tell you what is wrong with your car, I have an incredible accuracy percentage and that will arm you with information that you can take to a dealer or indipendant shop and talk with them in a way they will know that you know what your talking about, some things can easily be fixed over the phone, but knowledge is power in the auto repair world, so give me a call at a very low rate starting in may, free till then, 254-784-3638 Richard